Services Offered

Air Parts of Lock Haven is a FAA certified repair station (#QK1R429K) that provides a broad array of overhaul and repair services.

As one of the few companies in the United States who decontaminates radioactive gauges, Air Parts of Lock Haven is proud to provide valuable services that customers cannot find elsewhere. We also offer limited AOG (Aircraft on the Ground) services for an additional fee.

To ensure our customers receive the best and most up-to-date servicing possible, Air Parts of Lock Haven has invested in the most current manuals and service instructions for many aircraft and antique vehicle makes and models.

Air Parts of Lock Haven is a FAA Certified repair station, Class I, Class II, and limited Class III and Class IV; Limited Accessories, Limited Radio, Airframe Class I and Class III, Limited Airframe, Limited Engines.

Services Offered

Air Parts of Lock Haven offers repair and overhaul services on the following parts

Gear Motors
Fuel Valves
Fuel Selectors
Comb Motor
Pitot Static Testing
Heater (s/w and Jan-aero)
Radioactive Instrument Overhaul/Repair
Flap Motors
Fuel Senders
Hot Plates
Power Paks
Shimmy Dampner
Restoration and reconditioning of antique gauges and dials from antique aircraft to original condition
Refurbishment, restoration, and rescreening of antique car, tractor, and machinery equipment

Our Process

Every part that is sent in to Air Parts of Lock Haven goes through a careful inspection process. We notify our customers immediately if their part arrives in a damaged box, so they can work with their shipper. Every item is checked for radioactivity (PA License PA-1009) and then reviewed by the chief inspector to catch faded dials or missing parts. If requested, a quote for the job is then sent to the customer. Following inspection, the part is then worked on by a specially trained and/or certified technician. Once the job is completed, Air Parts of Lock Haven will call the customer and ship the part back to the customer. Customers are responsible for shipping charges to and from our shop.

Air Parts of Lock Haven staff regularly performs in-house and online training to stay current with OSHA regulations, safety protocols, factory training, and more, so our customers know their work has been done by well-trained and up-to-date technicians.

To send in a part for repair or overhaul, follow the instructions here.