Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are your hours?

We are open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where can I view your Licenses and Drug & Alcohol Policies?

Click on any of these links to view our policies: OPS Specs; Drug & Alcohol PoliciesPA-1009 

What is your minimum order?

Within the United States: $15.00; outside of the United States: $25.00.

Where is Air Parts of Lock Haven located?

Flying In: Piper Memorial Airport (LHV) Hangar 3
Physical Address (UPS/FedEx shipping): 1084 East Water Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 418, Lock Haven, PA 17745  

I have the old style CHT & oil temp probes in my plane, do you supply these?

The old CHT and oil temp probes are no longer available, but we do have factory-new Rochester Probes. Air Parts of Lock Haven can calibrate your gauge to work off of these probes or exchange your current gauge for one off of our shelf that is already calibrated. We also have an STC conversion kit for the oil temp probes on a PA-23, PA-24 & PA-30/39. This kit will also work in many Beech systems and PA-28, but will need a 337 field approval.

My gauges are old and faded. Can they be refreshed?

Air Parts of Lock Haven has years of experience in silkscreening gauges to look like new. Many times we have to redo the dial in order for the gauge to be certified, but our customers are always very impressed with how great their gauges look when they receive them back. Air Parts of Lock Haven’s staff members try our best to maintain the authenticity of panels or customize them, if feasible and requested by the customer. Please note any dial work that needs to be done will be in conjunction with a repair/overhaul. The gauges will require an overhaul/repair in order to be certified. Air Parts of Lock Haven certifies all of our gauges.

Can you rebuild the old GarKeyon or Maeco style shimmy dampers on my Piper?

Unfortunately we cannot rebuild them, but Air Parts of Lock Haven offers factory-new shimmy dampers made by Cleveland available. Additionally, we have direct replacement or an STC for the PA-24, PA30/39 and earlier PA-31s. If these should ever fail, these parts are able to be overhauled.

The float on my sender fell off. Can you sell me just the float?

We are not allowed to sell the float alone. However, you can send your sender in and Air Parts of Lock Haven’s staff can install it. Most senders do require a full overhaul to install the float because the sender does not meet specifications to certify otherwise. Air Parts of Lock Haven certifies all of the senders that we repair/overhaul. We also can send you an exchange sender if we have it in stock, so your plane is not down as long.

I have a site gauge in my wing. Can I buy just the dial?

Air Parts of Lock Haven must sell you a whole unit: plate, dial, and float. However, we can also do exchanges or overhaul your current site gauge.